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For some, yet unknown reason I found myself wanting another breed to work with. 

I wanted something much smaller than my Flemish and short-haired because the Angoras were as much grooming as I could deal with.

I tried several small- and medium-sized breeds, but none were quite right.

I found the Lilacs at the Peoria ARBA Convention and bought my first one from Maddie Pratt, a top youth breeder. I liked them from the
start. They don't have a mean bone in their body and they're on the endangered breed list.  They're small enough (8 lbs. max.) and I thought the "one color" would
be easy.  YEAH RIGHT !!

I finished second in the sweeps for 2005 right behind Bob Koch. Bob is at least the main reason Lilacs are not extinct, and without his help and some excellent stock from him, I would be years behind.

For more info, check out the National Lilac Rabbit Club of America -probably the most laid back
national club of all.




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