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              Flemish Giants


Now the Flemish Giants are entirely different they are basically meat and fur animals. 


These are the very large animals that usually don't want to be picked up but will jump into your lap and sit for hours being petted.  As a breed they are the most friendly one we've seen. 


We sell a lot for pets and just as many to people who want to show good quality animals. 


Just for the record we don't eat our own animals but know and accept that others do.  It would probably be the same if we had a cattle ranch.    


I'd have to have another page to thank all the people that have helped with my "Quest" for the perfect Flemish, but none have done more than Lynn & Bob Bolyard and Fred Russell.


The National Federation of Flemish Giant Rabbit Breeders is a great club with the best people and I highly recommend it to anyone interested in the Giants.



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Wooley Boogers Jack
with Tori


  • Best Light Gray Buck at the Providence, RI, Convention

  • BOB at NC State Convention 2005

When people are talking about all the great things about Flemish Giants, they're talking about Jack.
He's my personal pet.


Becky Bob

My first really good Flemish
and the first to win BIS in the SE in  modern times.   Won Best Light Grey at Cortland at 4 1/2 years old and tied with Jack as my all time favorite.



Wooley Booger's Mako

The little princess who grew up to be queen!


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