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      English Angoras


The English Angora in full coat and well groomed is in our opinion the most gorgeous animal on the planet.  They are also the hardest animals to keep this way. 


We always try to let our "first time buyers" know exactly what they're in for.  Grooming one or two bunnies can be easy and very relaxing to a lot of us but a chore to others.  We would much rather match the right animal to the right person, than see one of our babies mistreated and nasty. 


Angoras usually have very good dispositions, are intelligent, and make good pets, but they are definitely not for everyone.  


We try to make each new generation better than their parents so most of our stock is for sale after a few years. 


It's really hard to let some of them go.  One of our favorite outlets is for "woolers."  We know they'll be taken care of by spinners because they want the wool off as soon as possible.  


We presently have about 35 adult Angoras and as usual are trying to hold this number to 20.



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People are saying I'm
spending too much time with these Angoras . . .



Wooley Booger's Yoda

Multiple show winner and foundation buck



Tea Time At Wooley Boogers



Toote, Sissy, and JoJo

The  best angora litter I ever had.



Wooley Booger's Coco

"I don't think I can eat my way out of this!"



Wooley Booger's Corita


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