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We are Belinda and Charles Bryant, and our rabbitry is located in Dallas, NC.


The Way It Was . . .


Once upon a time, several years ago, my wife and I went to a local park that was having its annual "Cotton Ginning Days" celebration. 


We were enjoying ourselves and minding our own business when out of the crowd came what was to be our new friend Tom. He was carrying what appeared to be a 40-pound cotton ball on his shoulder. Poofer, his English Angora doe, had done her job!


Dudly was our first step into a new world that would include some wonderful animals, hard luck, good luck, long days and nights, much expense,  no profit and some of the smartest and best people we have ever met.




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Wooley Boogers Rabbitry has been registered with ARBA
since 1997---number N166

I'm a member of

  • ARBA

  • National Federation of Flemish Giant Breeders

  • National Angora Rabbit Breeders Club

  • National Lilac Rabbit Club of America

  • Southern Flemish Giant Specialty Club

  • North Carolina Rabbit Breeders Association

  • Gaston County Rabbit Breeders

  • GAA

  • Sams Club





. . . The Way It Is Now


Well, it's been about ten years since that "Cotton Ginning Day" celebration. 


A lot has changed in those years.  Belinda came to her senses a few years ago and now only attends a few local shows with me.  She helps me in the rabbitry when I need it, which is pretty often.


I still love to go to as many shows as I possibly can.  My vacation is planned around ARBA National Convention and other special shows.  I've still got it pretty bad . . .


I now breed and show three breeds:  Flemish Giants, Lilacs, and English Angora, about as diverse a mix as you can get. 


And one other thing has changed.   Everybody thinks I'm the Wooley Booger now! 





This is the first row of Flemish cages. This row is called the "tiger cages" because they are made from 5/16 chrome plated steel bars--maybe a little over-kill even for the Giants.


This is the inside part of the rabbitry. It's 14 x 46 feet and has 60 to 85 holes depending on how I use the dividers. I have three 18 inch exhaust fans in the roof and a 30 inch  fan in each end for ventilation.  No heat is needed. This was supposed to be my paint booth for that "old car hobby" I used to have . . .


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